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Robotics Literacy Program

Robotics Literacy Program

All India Council for Robotics and Automation(AICRA) has been working on advancing Education in Robotics and Automation in India.
In order to inculcate the spirit of Innovation in young learners, AICRA has started robotics literacy programs for learners. AICRA Robotics Literacy Certificates provide appreciation and certification to the Robotic skills of young learners, and encourages them to challenge their limits and further extend their abilities.

O-Level - Along with an examination, participants are required to complete a project work and furnish a certificate for the same. Equivalent to a Foundation Level Course in Robotics and Automation, the O-Level certification can by taken by anyone satisfying the prerequisites.

Certificates will be issued after passing the Certification examination successful passing the examination.

The Literacy Program certifications are opportunities for students and professionals to gain credible affiliation for their skills and knowledge in the domain of Robotics and Automation.