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TGSC Healthcare

About Technology Governance Steering Committee in Healthcare:

As AICRA aspires to promote fair, safe and legitimate aspects of the benefits derived through Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, AICRA has constituted Technology Governance Steering Committee (TGSC) in Healthcare that would provide support, guidance and oversight of progress in the healthcare sector. The committee attempts to meet the needs of a large and diverse constituency, which includes practitioners, researchers, educators, policymakers and users. The focus of the committee is on providing a forum at which all the various aspects of the technology industry across the healthcare sector is addressed, at which all the diverse concerned communities are represented and at which there is the opportunity for all of the various participants and communities to learn from one another and apply that knowledge to an integrated program of research, development, construction, utilization and capacity building in these technologies.

For Co-ordination, please contact Alka Sachdeva