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TGSC Defense

About Technology Governance Steering Committee in Defense:

Technology Governance Steering Committee (TGSC) in Defence shall steer the working of AICRA’s objectives and form the backbone for all AICRA’s representations, white papers, studies, round table conference, meetings with the Government, publications, educational programs, events, etc., related to use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning including Robotics and Automation in Defense sector. TGSC shall delve into various policies and guidelines related to the related industry formulated by the Government from time to time and be the Consulting, Advisory and Policy Advocacy mechanism to translate these policies to the stakeholders and bring forth feedback for the betterment of business environment through AICRA’s Executive Committee. Artificial Intelligence is a game changer in digital transformation space and is helping enterprises with fraud detection, risk mitigation, scoring of transactions in real-time and minimizing frauds, 360 view, personalized offerings etc. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have found a new habitat in defense sector where human lives are vital and can be saved from lot of dangers on the battlefield and even off it.

For Co-ordination, please contact Dr Sabyasachi Ghosh