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Industry Partnership

With the objective to provide overall institutional framework to rapidly implement and scale up the skill development efforts across India in Robotics & Automation Field, AICRA has taken up multiple initiatives to connect with industries for partnership. AICRA has a single window facilitation system that offers a unique platform for the industries to partner on various such initiatives. AICRA works with diverse set of stakeholders such as Corporates, Foundations, Government and Community based organizations in structuring high impact collaborative skill development projects.


AICRA members gain instant credibility by using the AICRA brand and by becoming part of the India's largest community of Robotics & Automation Professionals. As the leader in the industry we want to put our research, resources and support in your hands! To learn more about AICRA resources and to join our community, browse the value of belonging resources below.

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  • Contribute as an sponsor directly to AICRA to support Robotics skill development and engagement programs: India STEM Summit, World Robotics Championship - TechnoXian, Global AI Summit, Global IOT Summit, India Business Summit etc.
  • Sponsor candidates for skilling programs in operational regions of company's choice and in priority areas/sectors
  • Operationalize Project through agreement between Company and AICRA
  • Offer existing facilities and machinery for on-the-job training where available.
  • Implement the project through AICRA Training Partners with project management support by AICRA at nominal cost
  • Option to co-brand Certificates with Corporate logo
  • Setup / upgrade a Robotics skill development facility to be a Centre of Excellence focused in sector/ areas of strategic importance.
  • The centre may be operated directly by Corporate or in collaboration with a relevant Training Partner
  • An agreement may be signed between the Corporate and AICRA to operationalize such projects
  • Focus on Trainer the Trainer (TTT), Training of Assessor (ToA) Programs, specialized programs focused on Robotics skills
  • Establish collaboration with foreign partners to develop transnational standards through B2B partnerships with the support of AICRA.
  • Co-brand centre/institute with AICRA
  • Setup corporate owned Robotics & Automation skill training centres/institutes.
  • Operate with own team or through an affiliated AICRA Training Partner.
  • Provide trainings across with a vision to:
    • Create benchmark institutions run and monitored closely by the corporates, thus making vocational skills aspirational.
    • Provide a sustainable model for delivery of skills through quality infrastructure.
    • Deliver industry driven trainings in manufacturing and services sector with a special focus on dedicated labs and support for robotics skills.
  • Corporate and AICRA can jointly setup an open Next Generation Robotics Lab (NxR) that can offer all technical hardware, software and training support to cater particular area.
  • NxR Lab' objective is to support robotics skill development programs addressing industry need for skilled manpower at trade-level.
  • Corporate can ensure joint monitoring with AICRA to ensure such NxR are delivering as per plan and on quality standards set forth for such Labs.
  • Ensure continuous engagement through technology and knowledge interventions, on-the-job training/ internship programs for graduates etc.
  • Provide right of usage to an appropriate facility to be used a Robotics Skills Development Centre.
  • Support existing programs through basic setup costs and equipment donation to offset training programs that are cost intensive.
  • Provision land usage for specific programs like Incubation Centres, NxR etc. with high employment potential.
  • Operate through AICRA Training Partner
  • Participate in various activities of AICRA in line with your business operations.
  • Work directly with AICRA to contribute to development of Robotics Industry Standards
  • Align existing Training Centres to offer AICRA aligned programs
  • Undertake Recognition of certification programs for employees (including contractual workers) for AIRA alignment.
  • Provide list of person (including retirees) to be (master) trainers and assessors where feasible.
  • Setup a Robotics Skill Development Organization either as a new business unit, independent trust/society or a newly incorporated special purpose vehicle with equity infusion from parent entity and /or promoters/trustees.
  • Become a Non-Funding Training Partner where funding is not sought.