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India STEM Lab

India STEM Lab

Under India STEM Mission (ISM) Project, AICRA is to setup 2000 India STEM Labs in schools across India by 2024. The concept established with the motto of "Creating an eco-system where learners become inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; learn to make innovative projects along with their regular studies and get exposure to international competitions to set motive of learning. AICRA have conquered short term instructional project-based programs, and further looking beyond traditional approach. India STEM Lab mixes the creativity and curiosity of young students with the hands-on education aspects of STEM. With focus on Robot building and Science based activities, the learning methodology takes up innovative and challenging ideas and converts them in to solutions in the form of working robots or engaging science experiments. The objective of India STEM Lab is to engage and benefit to all stakeholders

  • Students: A platform for students to integrate STEM streams.
  • Teacher: Relate classroom concepts to real-life develop an affinity towards
    technology and increase students' motivation.
  • Management: School gets an integrated STEM Lab and global standard robotics program.
  • Parents: It instills core life skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving in children of different ages.

Eligibility & Application Process

Any school affiliated with CBSE, ICSE, IB or State Board may apply by filling up online application form. ISM panel would select schools based upon student strength, location of school and infrastructure. Preference would be given to AICRA member schools.

India STEM Lab Concept

Selected schools will be allocated budget of between INR 500,000 to INR 800,000 subject to number of students enrolling to become member of Lab. A nominal annual membership and training fee will be added to fee structure.


  • Platform for teachers to interact and gain professional knowledge through seminars, workshops and round table meetings.
  • Nominating for prestigious "India STEM Awards".
  • Close interaction with educational bodies, AICRA members, international agencies etc.
  • Suggestions and draft acceptance for policy advocacy to government.
  • Assist identifying joint venture partners at various national and international events organized by AICRA.


  • Student members can participate in national level India STEM Innovation Challenge and win awards and certificates.
  • White card entry to Innovation Challenge category of World Robotics Championship - TechnoXian.
  • Under India STEM Mission, every district would have "STEM YouthClub" who would be actively engaged in various activities.
  • Selected projects which can be commercialized, will be promoted to raise project funds.
  • Visiting opportunities* in large industrial unites, science cities, ISRO and NASA.

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