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TGSC Education

About Technology Governance Steering Committee in STEM Education:

Technology Governance Steering Committee (TGSC) in STEM Education would have a wider representation from the Industry, therefore, this Committee would be the first line of approach for the Industry that would learn about the concerns, pains and challenges of the industry and further report to the Executive Committee of AICRA. Therefore, the role of the Steering Committee is of utmost importance. TGSC shall study the eco-system of the industry and as an Advisory Body shall propose roadmap for the smooth functioning and maintaining balance of Standard Operational Procedures that align with the Government Policies and Guidelines as also encourage and promote networking and knowledge sharing between national and international stakeholders in order to establish business/technology interest generation. TGSC shall promote project development and technology skills as the members shall represent reputed institutions imparting STEM education. Once the education system gets aligned with the industry, it becomes imperatively justified to produce fructifying results.

For Co-ordination, please contact Alka Sachdeva